Stories of Restoration

Now displaying at Green Bliss Cafe in Downtown Fullerton through the month of January. Un-signed prints are also available for purchase in our online gallery. 


Stories of Restoration is a collection of five paintings capturing the encounters which Jesus followers shared with him after his resurrection as they are recorded in the Bible. Whether you hold to a biblical view of Jesus Christ or see him as merely a significant historical figure these moments are truly inspiring and encourage us that even when all is lost, it is never too late for hope & restoration.


 High quality, lustre prints available in both 16"x24" and 20"x30" sizes. All prints are un-signed, if you would like a signed copy please reach-out via email to make arrangements. To purchase a print, simply click on a painting, then click "BUY PHOTO" in the top right corner of the screen. 
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The paintings are currently on-display at Green Bliss Cafe in downtown Fullerton throughout the month of January. Please stop by and enjoy some great food and coffee along with the artwork. 


Artists Statement

He swept into their lives like an irresistible force of nature. His presence so captivating, His words so compelling that many would leave everything behind and follow Him into an unknown and dangerous future. For three years they followed Him these disciples of Jesus; three years of campfires under the stars, meals enjoyed together, tears wept, laughs shared, fears conquered and miracles experienced. They were at the front lines of a movement affecting thousands. They bet it all on Jesus. Then the unimaginable happened, this long awaited savior was beaten beyond recognition, nailed to a tree and left to die. There are no words to express the devastation this must have caused in the hearts of this family of friends. Their mission had failed, their lives were in danger and the anchor of their souls was gone. For three days, all hope was lost.

 In a very real sense Jesus work of resurrection only began as the stone was rolled away. Next he immediately began the highly personal work of resurrecting hope in the hearts of his dearest friends. Whether you hold to a biblical view of Jesus Christ or see him as merely a significant historical figure, both he and his followers were very real people living real lives and their stories are truly inspiring. So should you find yourself on the other side of a dream that now lies in ruins, know that it is possible to reclaim hope even after all hope is lost and may you find encouragement in these "stories of restoration."


My passion lies in seeing people experience awe and inspiration through the creative arts. As children, even the simplest of creations or discoveries brings with it a sense of wonder. As life goes on that sense of wonder can be dulled and worn thin within our hearts. The arts can be a powerful means to reawaken this aspect of our hearts and even potentially reorient our lives into a much greater story than our own. This has been my story.

I was deeply invested in the arts from a very young age. As a child, my parents enrolled me in more art classes than I can remember and visiting art museums was a regular part of my life. During my years at Long Beach State University I began to pursue graphic design. An internship led to an agency job which eventually led to running my own marketing and design firm. My life became less about creative passion and more about business management.

In the fall of 2013 I was invited to visit a community of visual artists at Saddleback Church. For the first time in nearly a decade I pulled a canvas off the shelf and begin to paint. I was inspired by how this group was using the arts to bring hope and encouragement to their community and began to consider how my art might do the same. So what began as a simple landscape became a two year journey creating this most recent five painting series.

Brian Giboney


This series is the direct result of many amazing people who have invested greatly in me now and over the course of my life. First I would like to thank my parents for investing so much in me during my childhood years as an artist as well as my first art teacher, Cherene Raphael of the Art House Fullerton for nurturing my love for the arts and skills with a paintbrush from a young age. I'd also like to thank Jason Leith and all of my friends at ExCreatis, this series would have been impossible without your friendship, encouragement, insight and guidance. To learn more or connect with this amazing group of artists check out

. Thanks to those who have graciously offered to host the series including Jenny Ho at Green Bliss Cafe & Rosalyn Burgueno with The Seed LA. Lastly I'm forever grateful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his relentless commitment to restoring hope in my life even through the seasons of my life when I have had none.

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